Koren Young began telling stories using a Super 8 film camera in grade school. He studied Cinema & Television Arts at CSUN where he produced short films that have screened in festivals around the world. Koren started his venture into the entertainment industry as an intern for DreamWorks SKG and First Look Studios during the Cannes Film Festival.

Koren has been a post production specialist for over 10 years. He worked as a graphic artist at Gork Enterprises where he specialized in menu regionalization. While there, he lent his talents to many blockbuster DVDs for studios including Disney, Fox and New Line Cinema.

Koren on his laptop

His career as a DVD author began in 2006 when he joined Prime Digital. He designed animated menus and authored hundreds of complex interactive DVDs for studios like Vivendi, National Lampoon, Indican Pictures, VDI and Unicine.

In 2007, he was recruited by GDMX, the world’s leading compression and DVD authoring facility (a Warner Bros. company). He was the head Author for Fox Studios’ international DVDs before being promoted to Warner Brothers’ Blu-ray department. He personally authored dozens of international Blu-ray Discs for Warner Brothers and New Line Cinema and worked on the team that created record-breaking titles like 300 and The Dark Knight.

During his two years at Cinevision Digital, he was solely responsible for editing, encoding and authoring DVDs and Blu-ray discs for the company’s original content. He also encoded hundreds of films from their exclusive catalog containing westerns, musicals, dramas and comedies.

Koren has had the privilege of working at other leading service agencies including Zoo Digital, Technicolor Creative Services and Deluxe Digital Studios. He’s lent his talents to hundreds of major releases for studios like Disney, Paramount, Universal and Warner Bros.

Koren shooting an event

He also continues to produce short films and features for festivals and home video distribution. Koren is the recent co-founder of Arcay Studios, a full-service production company offering a wide array of audio-visual services.


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